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For some time looking for a way to climb the top on search engines with the main keyword of my surname Fiasconaro, dear friends and fellow Sicilians have moved perhaps too far in advance, taking the dominance of all positions in the keywords of their interest; all accompanied by the fact that major newspapers have reported references over time. Now Fiasconaro is a brand known all over the world; not only in Italy and Europe.

What remains for me to do, therefore, is to focus on the keywords that best suit me in the areas of greatest interest; which are broad as follows:

RPA Developer

Robotic Process Automation in its most varied forms of software programming to automate boring processes with little added value. Usually, the figure of an RPA Developer is a figure that is considered fundamental where there are implementations of repetitive procedures done on the computer by data entry figures. A self-respecting RPA Developer must study and understand the needs that bring customers back to the data entry figure and find the solutions that allow the substantial reduction of repetitive jobs; At the conclusion of the developments, the operator is then moved to more intellectual activities or to control / monitoring of the various automated processes.


Also known as Search Engine Optimization, SEO is the art of optimizing all the factors that can carry significant weight in the words that all search engines need.

In addition, SEO is responsible for optimizing the dispatch of information for better management of text and graphics content.

The SEO has the purpose to improve the loading performances;

The SEO foresees a constant improvement of the semantics;

SEO involves the study of the content sought by users.


Marketing; I would also define the latter as an art, which is the art of studying people’s interests and understanding the factors of statistical interest for the organization of proposals aimed at users who have an interest in a particular product or service.

In particular, I deal with Internet Marketing, Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing


Finally, Software Development defined by many as the art of getting by, problem-solving, and computer troubleshooting.

Personally, I develop the software that I need using to integrate all the automation processes for this reason most of the developments I have implemented are aimed at Software Automation

Fiasconaro Cloud RealTime CEO & Founder


Internet Marketer | SysAdmin| Developer | Robotic Process Automation Developer :
Expert in information and communication technologies, Fiasconaro deals with IT Security, Innovation, Automation, and Development.


Fiasconaro Acquired SKILLS:


Network Specialist, Network Security, Network Redundancy, System Administration, System Security, System Optimization, System Redundancy , Web Developer, Web Security, Web Marketer, Web Optimization, Code Analysis, RPA Developer, PHP Developer, SQL Developer, MySQL Developer, SQLite Developer, SEO Specialist, SMM Social Media Marketer, Facebook Marketing, Software Developer.

The Acquired certifications of Ugo Fiasconaro

Python Developer: Certification of Programmer Python for application developer & Automation

Facebook Marketing: Certification of Facebook Social Media Marketing

SEO Specialist: Expert in optimization seo

UiPath: Advanced Robotic Process Automation & Uipath RPA advanced developer certification Academy

IBM Certified Associate AnalystSecurity QRadar SIEM v.7.2.6

CEH V9Certified Ethical Hacker V9

ISIPMProject Management

ARKEIA (Western Digital): Arkeia Data Protection Security

SONICWALLNetwork Security Administrator

ALLOTTechnical Manager of Load Balancer Technology & Bandwidth Management

WEBSENSE WEB SECURITY: System Web Security Management & Email Security

WEBSENSE DLP: System Security Management and Data Loss Prevention

TIE: Test of Interactive English

CISCO + NETACAD: CISCO CCNA 640-802 + Networking Academy

Ugo Fiasconaro‘s Diplomas


ELIS Center: Course of 2400 Hours of Telecommunications and Security in the ICT world

ANFE Center: Course of 900 Hours of Web Programmer

ANFE Center: Course of 900 Hours of Information Network Management

High School Diploma: Five-year Computer Technician Diploma

Hosting Services

RPA Project

Keyword Process Reserch with NLP Algorithms

Online Software Integrations

English Version about Fiasconaro‘s Skills

Internet Marketing

Also known by the name of online marketing, it is the process of promoting a company or a brand and its products and services on the Internet it is implemented using tools that help drive traffic, lead generation, and sales. Internet Marketing is a fairly broad term that includes a series of tactics and strategies for generating the content, acquiring e-mails, the management of keyword searches, payment means, and more. Nowadays, however, Internet marketing is often used for “content marketing” which is defined as follows: A strategic marketing approach focused on content creation and distribution, relevant and coherent to attract and retain a clearly-defined audience and ultimately to guide profitable customer action.


Systems Engineer, Programmer and Application and software Developer

System management involves configuration and reliable functional management of IT systems; As well as the management of computers for multiuser, administration and management of servers, network infrastructure, management of operating system patches management of customized cluster and cloud systems; some examples: OpenStack Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud QEMU an open-source hosted hypervisor with performance on hardware virtualization Microsoft Azure Google App Engine Proxmox Virtual Environment Xen CoreOS Linode


Fiasconaro RPA Developer. Robotic Process Automation Definition

The automation has given by the implementation of robotic processes (RPA), not intended as industrial automation, it is defined as the use and related software development that sometimes make use of algorithms with Artificial Intelligence therefore in particular the RPA foresees the use of algorithms with automatic learning ability (Self-learning). Acts for the automated management of repeatable tasks with a high volume of repetitions that previously required the human execution of these actions on the computer. These activities may include software queries, calculations, and maintenance of registrations (registration forms) and/or transactions. The development of RPA software and processes is aimed at finding solutions for Data Entry activities that only require time.

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